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This happens every once in a while due to Fiverr gig rotations. Essentially, Fiverr rotates gigs in the same category every once in a while to give an opportunity to new sellers. If this is the case, there's nothing much we can do about it. 

If the situation persists, it most likely means that your buyers gave you poor internal reviews. In this scenario, the only way is to make sure that your new buyers are happy and satisfied.

Here's a tip that might help: Try to find more professional gig pictures

I'm not talking about click-baiting your potential clients, I'm talking about making your gig look more attractive to them. You can find really nice stock photo providers by searching through Google.


  • Put yourself in the buyer's perspective
  • Compare your gig to someone else's
  • Do you think you'll click on your gig first or the other person's?

Best regards

Cheng Li

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