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How many Continous orders did you get from one Buyer

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Many people don’t realize that Fiverr is not just about new customers. Many people complain every week of the year about drop in sales. Well, guess what… Fiverr is about returning customers. People can not rely only on new customers, that’s the key to success. 🙂

If your service is good, people will come back. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but they will come back. I have many returning customers everyday and new customers also come back for more.

Yes, I get new customers on a daily basis too, but I have my loyal customers that trust in my service and always come back. I have some buyers that have been ordering my gigs on a daily basis for over a year. I have managed to get some very very loyal buyers I must say.

If you manage the art of getting returning customers, you will always get orders here on Fiverr. 😉

But don’t take my word for granted, just check these screenshots of some of my loyal buyers. And there are some others that I don’t have in mind right now. 😃

Best Of Luck. 🙂

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