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gig not showing in 20 pages after delivering order




I have got an order and i also delivered it. the buyer gave me 5 stars but my gig is not coming in first 20 pages.
while some gigs are coming in top twenty pages that do not have stars yet, they also dont have any delivered orders.
my gig is far way better than others but my gig is still not showing. you can check my gig by clicking on given below link

please tell me that how much time it will take me to come in top 20 pages or what is required to come in to top 20
will my gig come to top 20? what are my mistakes that are not allowing my gig to come in top 20 pages while having far way better gig, keywords and skills

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12 hours ago, sadekmiah30 said:

promotion Unqualified 😞

ok, means you took some bad private feedback and/or any review from clients, for first you need to restore your performance to normal, usually it takes 60 days


please watch the poll i have created, it is for Promotion ADS

On 2/13/2023 at 10:28 AM, venonusa said:

if you have available the option "promote gig " you should use it, check this poll for more information about the feature promote gig:



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