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What is the main reason for not hoping for a brief?🙂🤦‍♂️



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If I'm being honest, that 3 star review might be the reason why - but you're also a newer seller, with only three gigs, so that might also play a role in it. Your field is VERY competitive and only people who provide original (AND outstanding) creations will thrive, so maybe there's some other things you could offer? If you're a graphic designer, you must know art/etc. so perhaps something a bit less generic would work? 

50 minutes ago, muhammadzuba102 said:

What is the main reason for not hoping for a brief?              Ans:Get help from Fiverr support services.

CS will not be able to help with something like this. Not getting briefs doesn't depend on them unless there's some bug in the system or something truly strange occurs. 

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