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How can we get Fiverr Talent?



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Hi @shaonwebdesign, Welcome to the forum!

39 minutes ago, shaonwebdesign said:

As a New seller how can we get Fiverr talent or Fiverr choice. If you give suggestions about this then I would benefit a lot.

I'm not sure if you would qualify for the Rising Talent badge since your last delivery was 12 months ago and the Rising Talent badge is reserved for new sellers with new gigs. It is also only given to a few, selected new sellers that are handpicked by Fiverr's editorial staff. These sellers are selected for having great potential, which seems to be connected with their years of experience that they mention in their bios (based on my observations). This allows new sellers to be on the first page, even without having any reviews or sales. However, this is a temporary badge, so once a certain number of impressions is received, the badge disappears. I never had the Rising Talent badge.

However, I have had the Fiverr's Choice badge every month since April 2022 and this badge is awesome! I got this badge 5 months after I posted my first gig (so I was a Level 2 seller by then). This badge is not based on potential but on proven quality metrics such as order completion rates, on-time deliveries, responsiveness, buyer satisfaction, and delivery quality. As long as you keep successfully completing these orders, you can keep getting these Fiverr's Choice orders. I believe promotion stops when you are working on these orders because it's only when I close these orders that I get several new Fiverr's Choice Orders.

I did cancel two Fiverr's Choice orders in September, but I still got more Fiverr's Choice orders in October (possibly because the cancelations were immediately followed by reorders from those two buyers). Those did affect my OCR in September but a few days later in October, the cancelation policy was changed so that those types of cancelations wouldn't affect sellers' order completion rates.

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