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gig improvement tips for new user


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Hi @jack113256, Welcome to Fiverr and the forum!

1 hour ago, jack113256 said:

Is there anything that can improve this gig?

I noticed that you have unapproved URL's in your gig descriptions, which can trigger a warning if not fixed immediately. You may share the following links:


8. What URLs can I use in my profile or Gig description?
The following URLs may be used in your Profile or Gig Description:


blogspot.com dafont.com
dailymotion.com flickr.com mixcloud.com
reverbnation.com soundcloud.com teamviewer.com
tumblr.com vimeo.com wetransfer.com
wikipedia.org wordcounter.net youtube.com


Note: If you use a URL that is not listed above, your Gig may be denied. Repetitive violations may also cause an account to be restricted.
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14 minutes ago, jack113256 said:

hanks @vickieito i have removed those urls

Perfect! I wanted to make sure you took care of that right away. I'm glad that you did!

Here are a few more pointers for you:

1. I noticed that the only tag that pulls up significant results in search is "automation." So I'm not sure if you are using the best title, tags, and gig descriptions that will give your gig good visibility in search. When selecting your keyword tags, start typing words in search that you think buyers will use to find your services. As you type, a dropdown will appear showing the most common search terms that buyers are using. Use that as inspiration when you are selecting your keywords/tags.

2. Your entire title is not showing to your buyers so they will have to hover over your title to see it in its entirety. Consider shortening your title so that it can be seen just by looking at your gig card. Buyers only have a few seconds to decide whether they will click on your gig or not.

3. Your bio talks about what you can do, but try to tailor it to your customers - who are they and what are their pain points? And why are you the solution to their problems? The same thing can be applied to your gig description. Buyers aren't just interested in what you can do. They will be searching for gigs because they have specific problems, so the more you can show that you understand their issues and will solve their problems, the more likely they will be to buy your services. I found both your bio and gigs highly technical. This information can be moved to your FAQs so that you can use your bio and gig description to speak to your customers' hearts - if you were them, what would the gig description need to say to compel you to buy?

4. Try to utilize all allowable characters in your gig description to clearly describe what you are offering. The more value you can provide in this section, the better your visibility in search.

5. Utilize everything you can in your gig gallery. According to Fiverr, gig videos can increase user engagement by 40%. Gig videos, 3 images, and 2 PDFs can and should be used to showcase your abilities and everything that you have to offer. When I was a new seller, my gig gallery was the reason why buyers were placing orders when I didn't have many reviews. They would see my work samples and send me messages in my inbox saying that they saw my samples and new I could do what they were looking for. 

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