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gig improve tips!


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Hi znhira!

The reason is that your services are not that appealing to customers.
The causes could be numerous.

- Unappealing gig image
- Wrong use of keywords in the title
- Incorrect use of keywords in the description of your gig
- Wrong price in relation to the market

These could be are some of the reasons, but already solving these would be a big step forward.

I wish you my best regards!

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On 2/27/2023 at 11:58 PM, znhira said:

What is the reason for not more impression and clicks on fiverrs?

I have got 522 impression and 12 click within 13days,

I think should improve your gig images because gig images are more important for getting impression and clicks very easily and you can check the tags that are correct for your content.


Then in sha allah you will get many impression and clicks easily. 

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Here's some advice.

Logging into chatGPT and posting random topics will NOT get you sales, or give you ANY credibility.   

I suggest that you focus your time on getting your first sale on Fiverr then posting about YOUR experiences to help others.  Not what a bot tells you..... 

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@znhira   You're continuously posting information generated by chatGPT, yet you continue to be on zero orders and have been for 5 months?????

You're not going to get any more sales on the Fiverr platform by doing this, so please!  Concentrate on your own business rather than wasting your time posting stock content. 

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2 minutes ago, znhira said:

How can I make gig images attractive?

Aesthetics aren't something that can be taught, but, think of something you like, that you find pretty. Ask yourself 'why' you like the looks of it. 

Fiverr does provide some guidelines, but they only help so much.


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