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How to get my gig on the first page as a beginner


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Welcome to the Fiverr forum, to start, here are some tips for the forum so you might ask a question and get the best answer possible. You will need a gig to start.  People will not read your profile and contact you. Before doing that, read the terms of service and community standards.  Then, review the forum, for people that indicate they are not getting orders, impressions, views, clicks.  Read the feedback they are getting, take notes.  

Leading up to doing your gig

1) Identify what you think you want to publish for your gig. It may not be your strongest skillset

2) research keywords associated with this skillset. If you pick something with 50,000 sellers, you are not going to float to the top overnight, so find a keyword(s) that is more of a subset 

3) When you get to the point where you are creating a title for the gig, try and formulate it for a one time entry.  Once you create the title, that becomes your URL. Yes, you can change it if the Fiverr analytics do not do well, but the URL is baked in.

4) Plan to have some sort of inbound marketing strategy once you publish the link. Research the forum for this as well for tips on what works and what does not work so well. 

5) Be patient 

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