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How can I get first order ?


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2 hours ago, sane20 said:

I have been trying to get buyer since November 2021. Still I don't get any buyer. How can I get my first buyer?

I am wondering what steps you have taken since joining Fiverr. It shows you have 2 posts in the forum.  Have you made changes to gigs, followed analytics? If you go through a few similar threads, you will find the question gets asked quite a bit.  Read through some of them and jot down some things you might try next. Also, look at your keywords and in private browser, search those words to see how many sellers come up for each word.  If you are in a sea of 50,000, it might explain why.  You are allowed 7 gigs, I believe if you are not leveled.  Maybe read some threads and come back here and discuss your recent analytic trends, changes you made in the last year to the gigs and what steps you will take.  Then people can give you some additional tips.  Also, update your forum profile. There is a spot to add your seller profile URL and then people can find the link easily when responding. 

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