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How to marketing gig on social media?


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27 minutes ago, seo_hawya said:

What is a perfect way of marketing my gig on social media?, And which is the most effective social media for marketing gig?


But you're a digital marketer who claims to be able to grow businesses?  

Shouldn't you know this?

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7 minutes ago, seo_hawya said:

I'm trying but not getting good results, that's why I share it and I want to more gain about gig marketing strategy.

Then don't take money from Fiverr customers if you don't know what you're doing!   :classic_angry:  

You're either an expert or you're not!!!!   Don't make it up as you go along! 

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1 hour ago, jabirahamed20 said:

If you are from bangladesh just have a look on how does social media marketing works, so that you will get an idea about it : ) 

So you're saying that there is a Bangladesh specific way of doing Social media Marketing?  

Please enlighten the forum on what this is, I'm sure we could all do with a laugh! 

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