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Providing Facebook likes very cheap


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I am providing facebook likes very cheap on fiverr but i am not getting any order even my gig is totally different from others every thing is being done my me written by me still nt getting orders even i am giving likes on very cheap rates… Kindly help me need for buyers i will be thankful 2 u

my Fiverr profile link is


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Guest celticmoon

Self-promotion belongs in the My Fiverr Gigs forum. Posting elsewhere is considered SPAM and is not appreciated. Please move your post.

Thank you.

And btw, most people are learning that likes/fans/followers/traffic gigs are not real, and using them will lead to people getting their social media accounts shut down, because artificially boosting traffic is against the terms of use of most of these sites. But if your traffic is real, why don’t you just sell your gigs to those people? If only 1% make a purchase from you, that’s 100 sales.


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