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pleace check this gig and praices!


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12 hours ago, grafixer1000 said:

If you need any more assistance then you can contact me I do fiverr coaching and newbies are allowed to contact free.

So you're a level 1 seller, yet your gigs offer Fiverr specific coaching? Based on what experience and knowledge??????  You barely have 50 orders and you've been going for nearly 2 years!  Your description in your gig is also completely inappropriate and puts hard working sellers in very bad light......


How many people left Fiverr just because they didn't get any earning from Fiverr and thought that they can't work on Fiverr but there is only level 1 , level 2 and top rated sellers which get orders, they also stop others to join this platform as they think its time wasting. But I am here to help you all the Fiverr sellers specially newbies to become successful on Fiverr.

With my guidance many people started selling on fiverr and making huge money with my mentorship.

I will provide you

  • 7 days 7 classes
  • Daily 30-60 minutes session (as per your desired time fixed once)
  • One on one mentorship
  • Free tools usage and tricks with tips
  • Fiverr seller account complete setup

How are you setting these accounts up?  Freelancers need to use their own details to prevent fraudulent account being created 

You're other gigs are full of Fiverr logos which are implying the you're offering a service on behalf of them, even though it's against their TOS

You're services are very misleading indeed!!!!  


Apologies for the typos above too 🙂 I was multi-tasking, which is quite unusual for a guy I know! 🙂 

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FirstNo one can help you with FIBER stuff. This is for FIVERR forum. 

Kindly not to spread "FIBER" plague on this great forum. 😆



"When my gigs are on 1st or 2nd page of fiber, the gigs are lost, "

How many impression you get everyday? Did you lose rank suddenly?

As long as you can provide Buyer with satisfied result, you can get your rank back.

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