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Client Refuses to Accept the Order



Greetings Fiverr sellers.  I am sure this question has been asked so I apologize if this is redundant, but I am honestly in a pickle and at a loss of what to do. 

I had a client reach out to me to photograph two necklaces. The conversation started out great and I was very excited about the gig. I delivered the photos, and while he liked the photos of the necklaces on the model he asked for revisions on the product photos.  So I reshot the photos and delivered...This is where it gets bad...

The second delivery he sent me a kurt message saying the photos do not meet Amazon specs (which they do) and he sent me an example photo of what he wanted.  We went back of forth for many many messages, but he kept sending the same example photo over and over and saying he refuses to accept my photos. Finally he asked me to shoot the necklaces with the chain vertical instead of off horizontal. 

So reshoot #3 I photographed the images with the chain vertical and sent him the images and once again he sent me a VERY rude message, told me I don't know my own job and that he refuses to take the images.  Once again back and forth and him just sending the example image and saying over and over he refuses to take the images but provides NO DETAIL about what is missing or what he wants.

Finally, again after many messages he states the images are too dark.  So I brighten the images and send away.  Guess what...He rejects it again.  Same situation and scenario. 

At this point I honestly don't know what to do so I contact Fiverr customer support and they tell me there is nothing they can do as they can not force the client to accept the images.

So here we are, the client agreed to extend the delivery date, I am on reshoot #4, and I still have no idea what the client wants or what is wrong with the images I have sent. 

Does ANYONE have ANY advice for what to do?

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Hi there..

It seems that you don't know how Amazon Product Photo Works.

My main services is Amazon Product Listing, so have many experience with this.

Based on your story.., :

1. Your Photo Got rejected by Amazon (You need to remove the background. Amazon require 100% pure white background. No shadows effect etc.)

2. You need to use f22. Less than this, some of your product  - especially most away from camera looks blury.

3. Client usually demand to fix the bug part, Like: dust, noise, bend, and improve the lighting effect.

4. Provide Buyer with 1500x1500 pixel or 2000x2000 pixel. JPG 300 dpi.


Hope this can help,

Wish you luck,

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