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Grass to Grace 4.6 to 4.8 never lose hope


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Hey everyone!
I wanted to share a positive story that happened to me recently as a Fiverr freelancer.
I had been feeling a bit discouraged about my ratings lately because I was stuck at 4.6 for a while.
But I decided to keep going and not give up hope.
I continued to be patient and work hard and eventually, my rating went up to 4.8 - which I am thrilled about!
I ignore the obstacles and discouraging words from some top-rated Fiverr sellers which I can not mention their names here.
But all thanks to God...
My message to all of you out there is not to lose hope.
Keep pushing forward and don't give up.
Eventually, your hard work will pay off and your rating will increase.
I know it can be tough, but hang in there!
Good luck to all of you!
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