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Need help from experience seller.


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Is Gig Marketing Really Important?

Before we talk about this, we need to know why we do gig marketing. Many say it is to increase our sales. But Fiverr is marketing for your sales. Then why do we have to do marketing?

Yet many would say tell me some marketing method. I am telling them clearly that spamming cannot be done while marketing. I say again, spamming cannot be done. Because if you do spam and if someone complains to Fiber about that spamming screenshot, then Fiber will disable your profile for life. This will put you at risk.

Even then, I am discussing the platforms that can be used by those who want to do marketing within the methods they want to do marketing:

1) Email marketing
2) Facebook marketing
3) Twitter marketing
4) LinkedIn Marketing
5) Forum posting
6) You will be able to do marketing in this posting on the new website.

Everyone's prayers and love remained. Well then be careful.

Thank you



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On 2/7/2023 at 1:49 PM, engrmanik40 said:

26 clicks 222 impression  but no order yet

You claim to be a lead generation 'Expart'  You should know who to get orders.! If you don't then you're not an expert and you shouldn't be taking people's hard earned money from them.

As for the rest of you who are recommending that the OP share his gig on social media to get sales.  Think about this! 

This is getting embarrassing for Fiverr!   Illiterate gigs are being flooded on social media by people claiming to be experts in their field.

@engrmanik40  Your gig image is littered with spelling errors.  THIS is why you're not getting any orders!  So  do us all a favour and at the very least correct your errors, before you share your gig, and stop embarrassing the rest of us who are trying hard to keep the standards on this platform high.

You can't even spell the company your working for Correctly!!!! 


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