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How to get first order on fiverr?



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18 hours ago, developer4all said:
  1. Respond to buyer requests quickly: When you receive a buyer request, respond promptly and professionally. The faster you respond, the more likely you are to get the gig.

The era of Buyer Request has been ended as Fiverr has gotten rid of it. Now, we have Get Briefs feature (replacement of Buyer Requests). 

P.S. Do not post anything else without reading it! 🙏

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23 hours ago, the5rxprt said:

Hi to everyone ! I just joined the Fiverr community as Graphic Designer. I am new here...can someone guide me how to get first order.

waiting for decent replies.

Good Luck to all of you

Hello too

You need to work on your gigs first.

  • Gig images: They are not attractive
  • Gig Description: Make it good enough to read
  • Get Briefs: You can enable this feature via Gigs page. 

Just a question for you: Are you sure that you have chosen the right category and sub-category for your gig?

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