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Tips for getting Orders


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Hi , This is me , Arsalan Ahmad, a new seller on Fiverr and succesfully completed 4 orders with 3 reviews (all posistive with 5 star ) but my question is how to gain more orders because i am lacking in it. Its about more than 2 months for no order. How i improve myself and grow my profile. I use all techniques include SEO title description and image optimization but my impression getting down and down even it reaches to 5 to 6 in a day.. is satying active and online worthfull or not?

Please share your experiences with fiverr journey.

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For your logo gig you could make the main gig image show more emphasis on the type of logo you create in the gig. You could check the 1st page of the best selling gigs in that category to get a rough idea how they show their main gig image. eg. maybe the current main gig image for that gig looks slightly too text-like rather than logo like.

For the flyer gig your description starts off with "H Welcome yo my Gig .". Changing that might help a bit.

If there are additional gigs you could create and you have skills for those services maybe try doing that as that might increase the chance of orders.

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