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Is the period you've been in Fiverr go I'm hand with your ranking



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3 hours ago, prof_hassan22 said:

Can the period you've been in Fiverr affect your ranking

That depends on what you did during that time. If you consistently deliver great work and your buyers praise you (in public and private feedback both), your "ranking" is likely to be high. But if you've been on Fiverr for years and kept failing to deliver good work, your gigs might disappear from search completely.

Then there's the gig rotation, it allows new gigs to be seen from time to time, to give them a chance.

And then there's Fiverr's system that doesn't actually have ranking the way that people think it does, which is why I said "ranking". When a buyer searches for a service, Fiverr will show them gigs based on their previous purchasing behavior, so the same gig will show in different spots depending on how does the search.

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