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Video Call set up, please help!


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Hi Fiverr team,

I'm hoping someone can help me with this as I've not been able to find what I need on the web.  I sell piano tracks on Fiverr and I'd like to be able to video call my clients, and play them what I've done, or play live piano through my DAW or Audio Interface to them.  I'm having a lot of problems trying to set this up but there must be other Fiverr sellers who are able to do this??

Please can anyone help me figure it out,

Thanks, Phil

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The industry standard for a long time has been to use 2 interfaces, although I'm sure this can also be achieved via software routing with something along the lines of Loopback (Mac OS). I have used Zoom too without any extra software and had decent success. 

Here's a diagram I did some time ago. You'd need an interface with some aux outputs (for this example I used an apollo twin and a focusrite 2i2 or solo as possible interfaces). 



Dotted lines: software configuration/channel routing

Solid lines: hardware wiring (XLR/TRS)


Notice how the conferencing software is configured to use the Focusrite card, while Pro tools uses the Apollo.


Good luck! 

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Good solution above. 👍

Depending on your needs the two interface solution above, dedicated loopback functionality in your interface of choice (for example RME Total Mix) or repurposing unused Inputs/Outputs (analog or digital) and then doing clever routing in your DAW might do the trick.

If you're looking for a software only solution, something like software from Voicemeeter (virtual audio device/mixer/some audio networking) or Blue Cat Connector (audio networking Audio Unit/VST that also can send audio between local instances as well as different computers) combined with OBS (which can also host VSTs as audio effects) might come in handy.




During the pandemic I helped a piano teacher setting up something similar for teaching via Jitsi.

There the priority was good, slightly processed audio for the piano and voice via the DAW plus two switchable angles between a topshot of the piano/fingers and a regular talking head view and a lower third logo.

It took a bit of configuring, trail and error via test calls, but one can setup pretty nice recallable solutions costing nothing or very little.

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