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3 minutes ago, nehaayaz94 said:

But how to get order on gig.

Put yourself in your customer's shoes - what would make YOU want to buy from your own gig when there are so many other data entry specialists and VA's on Fiverr's marketplace?

I would start with your gig images - buyers only have a few second to decide which gigs to click on. Make sure your gig images are unique and clearly states your services. Keep it to 2-5 words maximum - too many words may cause buyers to quickly pass over your gig.

Then, tailor your gig descriptions to your target buyers. The key is to target a specific group - this will help you to eliminate a lot of the competition. Niche down. I only work with educators in my data entry/VA gig. I also cater to this same group in most of my other gigs (so I offer a range of services tailored to them).

I see that your bio says that customer satisfaction is your goal, so make your gigs and profile about them. 😊

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