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Does Anyone Know How To Post in Fiverr Clubs?


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I created a club some time ago, not thinking much of it. When I created it, there were no options to post anything or do literally anything but edit the settings of the club. I see other clubs have options such as news, events, gallery, and leadership team. I checked back today and still see no options to do anything.

Does anyone know how to unlock those features? Do you have to reach a certain member amount? 

I am not opposed to researching for the answer but I cannot find anything. If anyone has any relevant documentation, please send my way. 

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Posting for sake of communication. Invision Community platform page on Clubs (which has a link to another section, which links to another, which doesn't give any answers). 


So, consider it looked into. No clubs for non-m0derators.

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Okay everyone I have learned something new.

You can create a "page" which will add a header to your menu. On these pages, a moderator can insert an image and write a message. I am not seeing a way to allow members of the club to comment on the page. You can then reorder the menu to your liking. 

As you can see in the attached image, I was able to create a page titled, "Welcome {Wave Emoji}." 

I will continue to update the forum as I learn more. 



Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 10.15.55 AM.png

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It might depend on the club, but aren't there sections near the top of the club when you go to it, after "Overview | Members" aren't there other forum sections of the club listed there that you can click to go to and when you do doesn't one of those have an option for "Start New Topic" on the right that you could click on?

If the above isn't right, have other people posted in the club you've joined? Maybe there could also be certain permissions on who can create new threads or something.

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Hello readers, 

I would like to know why most of the Fiverr community clubs, followed by the country, are closed. For example, the 'Fiverr Community: Bangladesh' and 'Fiverr Community: UK' clubs are closed. I was excited to find the clubs on Fiverr but my excitement turned into disappointment when I found that the club for my region wasn't open.

Many thanks


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