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created my new gigs ,only impressions increase on my gigs not clicks.


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Hi Everyone,  I have created my new gigs ,only impressions increase on my gigs not clicks. so please recommend what ca i do for gigs to increase the clicks and grab the first order as soon as possible. Give me some tips and tricks for enhance my gigs on fiverr. i have attached my file of my gigs. so please see and response me. Thanks!!


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On 2/8/2023 at 1:30 PM, ahmad_webs said:

only impressions increase on my gigs not clicks

If you have impressions, Fiverr is showing you to buyers. If you aren't getting clicks, you're not attractive to the buyers that are shown your gig (so they are clicking and ordering from other other sellers).

Try to put yourself in your buyers' shoes - what would make YOU want to click on your gig? 

I would focus on your gig images and add gig videos to both of your gigs. 

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1 minute ago, ahmad_webs said:

Hi everyone, this is my very crucial problem that i can face these days. how to rank my gigs on fiverr?  I cannot receive any order till yet. Guide me.thanks


Well, unless you have two profiles, the one I am looking at has no available gigs,  When I Google your name, I find a gig, but it says it's on hold.  

It may be worth exploring why this is the case first. 

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12 minutes ago, bedar_bakht said:

Don't try to change the title of your gig. its badly effect and never back again.

This is absolutely wrong. The best thing to do is edit as much as it takes to optimize your gig. Don't worry, Fiverr prefers you have a great gig as opposed to one that could be better but remains weak because of unfounded superstation. Edit away!

But if you are looking for an edit that would help you, you should remove anything that is not true from your profile, such as this:


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12 minutes ago, ahmad_webs said:

from where can i find the keywords for wordpress website gig

There's a keyword research option in Seller Plus if you can subscribe to one of the packages in that, where you can select a particular category and service type (eg. wordpress).

If you can't get access to that you could just choose which you think are best/more relevant (and without too much competition) and/or type "wordpress" into the Fiverr search bar and and wait a bit and it should show common words people use after that in searches (eg. wordpress website).

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@ahmad_webs  So as a web designer myself I can offer you these tips. 

1) You have 7 gigs, yet I can't see any examples of your own work on them. You just have a gig image with the standard wording. This would tell me that you either have no work samples, or your quality of work isn't as good as you make out? 

2) You gig prices are confusing.  You offer a 3-5 page gig and a 5-7 page gig?if I wanted just 5 pages I would always choose the cheaper option. 

3) If you're using elementor to build you websites, then reassure customers they will get a full version of elementor as part of the service. If you're using nulled or free versions that your customers can't update your complaints will go through the roof. 

4) I only checked one gig and that is showing as plagairised.  Do us all a favour and write unique content. let's therefore assume your other gigs are the same?

5) Because you've copied other peoples gigs, your content is just a word dump, it has no personality or emotion.


Your gigs are rushed, they lack any form of personality, and they give me no reason to buy from you.   



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