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How I grow My Service There?


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2 hours ago, techguys247 said:

As A new it's Very difficult to survive, any potential solution?

The solution is simple: offer services that out-compete your competition. 

If you haven't done any market research yet, then I recommend that you get started on that ASAP.

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2 hours ago, techguys247 said:

Have the Great ability to work in data entry & lead generation service, But I don't find Enough Clients

You have a great ability to generate leads, but you don't have clients? So you are saying that people should pay you money to "generate leads", when you can't "generate leads" for yourself.

You really need to beg a m.od to delete this post cause:

TV gif. Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air leans against a camping tent. He looks shocked like he’s trying to process what has just happened while his hand clutches his chest. He quivers a bit and slowly says, “Damn.” 


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