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There is no short or long time order


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@smalomgir927  Welcome to the forum.   

A few tips for you.  

1) You have multiple spelling and grammar issues on both your gig and your gig images. This gives the impression that your work is sloppy and you don't check what you write.  This is a big red flag for me.

2) Your gig images are really hard to see. Consider sharpening them up. 

3) For the information I can see on your gig images, you have the email addresses of your clients on there?  In most countries this is classed as a data protection breach.  Unless you have permission, redact confidential data.   Failure to do this shows a lack of care for customer privacy! 

4) Unless you're 100% fluent in English, German and Russian (Which you're clearly not) Take it down, or you'll only be caught out. 

5) You only joined the platform this month. Some freelancers wait weeks, sometimes months for their first order.  Freelancing on here is NOT a get rich quick scheme.  It will take time. 

Good luck in your journey. 

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2 hours ago, catwriter said:

You claim to be a lead generation expert. That means that you should be able to generate leads for yourself, and get work that way.

I didn't even see that. You're right, people hire him to generate leads and he can't generate leads for himself... 

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8 hours ago, smalomgir927 said:

A new seller who doesn't learn how to work doesn't account in fiverr, still why it fails everyone in fiber forum please advise me.


Wait for it.....  Wait for it. 



i see you no GIF by Shalita Grant

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A new seller cannot succeed on this platform due to various reasons. It includes-

1. Lack of understanding of the Fiverr platform and how to use it effectively.
2. Poorly written or no descriptions of services offered.
3. Lack of marketing skills and knowledge.
4. Not offering competitive prices for services.
5. Not providing high-quality services.
6. Not being responsive to buyers’ inquiries and requests.
7. Not following the rules and policies of Fiverr.

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2 hours ago, catwriter said:

It's sellers who think that they have to be online 24/7 who fail.

I wish we could put up a banner at the top of the forum telling people this. This, and "Being active on the forum won't help either" as well.

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6 hours ago, ashfinfy said:

be active on Fiverr always

Any reason for this? 🤔 You have 2 reviews since May 2022 then did you get any benefit from being active on Fiverr Always (like you said) ?

17 hours ago, smalomgir927 said:

Get advice from the senior brothers of the fiverr forum why gig impressions and clicks drop.

Because your gig images are not attractive. Make them unique for buyers!

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