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8 hours ago, d_abbey said:

Am having impression and link but no order. Why??

I see you have 2 reviews.  Now, your profile does not match any of your gigs.  You have some talk about Shopify, yet no gigs. I also would have not guessed solar leads would be where the reviews/orders came from but good you received orders. I would either review the text of the gigs and/or have a copywriter look at them.  While most of the text I looked at in the store migration was good, there were a couple of issues with language.  It might be cleared up by simply reading it out loud to yourself.  In the offering/price - use consistent words. You have product then inventory, so pick one and be consistent.  Being a former Etsy store owner, I think product or listing might be the best word. The pricing seemed ok to me. If a store has a lot ( I used to have 1,500 listings on Etsy), that can get expensive. But, for people that have high volume listings, it could work for them. Message before placing order I would put at the top or if you have enough space, both top and bottom. And, without being spammy, I wonder if joining Etsy groups to see if people talk about getting on different platforms would help.  You can search the group for related keywords and not make an offer, but be helpful.  Then, have your fiverr link in your profile or in a linktree.

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