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Big, big problem




Hello, I need help too!
Last year my account was blocked (I was a seller and my account was blocked because apparently I had an account created many years before, which I forgot about) and I understood that I have to wait 90 days to be able to withdraw the funds on the account.

Everything is fine and dandy, 90 days have passed, I received an email telling me that once I access the link I have 7 days to withdraw my funds, but big surprise, I no longer have access to my old phone number to add the bank account and finally withdraw the money.

I have already opened 3 tickets to ask for help from fiverr, and they close every request for help on the reason: my account is under review... Only I have already received an email saying that I CAN WITHDRAW MY MONEY.

Who can help me please?


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I can't believe that they really don't want to help me with my problem, it's been a day and I haven't received any answer. Solving the problem is not difficult, I just need to add a new phone number and connect my payoneer account, but when the customer service people don't want to help you, you have no choice!

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