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Client is complaining after the delivery is accepted.



Everything was going great with this client untill the delivery. Before I delivery any digital products I always send files for last time if in case any revision needed by the client. The client was okay with everything and I delivered her the file. After a day, she accepted my delivery and send me a message saying she wasn't happy with the project and there were some correction needed. As far as I know and remember I have made all the corrections told by the client and she accepted the delivery She didn't informed me anything about the corrections or send the file for revision. There is a reason there is a "revision" option for the buyers but instead she accepted the delivery + gave a bad review+ didn't send for a revision. I have no clue what corrections she is talking about because she won't tell. I've worked sleepless nights and this is what I get! We make sure we do our work well but buyers like this ruins everything. I think is so unfair. Buyers can easily take advantage of us and turn our performance down even though we worked with honesty. Please tell me is there something I can do about this?

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