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One Thing Fiverr Needs To Change (from a guy who spent $1K here)


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Hi Fiverr,

after almost one grand in expense on this platform I can say I’m a pretty satisfied customer, but there is one thing you need to change asap:

  1. Below the bubble box, the titles of each thread are very confusing. Why? Because all I can see is numbers of orders and names of people providing services. Both are MEANINGLESS to me: what matters is the type of SERVICE I want.

    Order F238746672? Meaningless.

    FRAGGLESROCK? Meaningless, because I don’t remember who does what.

    Sheriff’s Calling out others us not allowed. Even in images.

    What I ACTUALLY want to see is the name of the service, or at least the category, and the ICON of the seller or service.

    So this would look like:

    “The order ‘I will write a 500 words article’ has been updated by…” + ICON.

    Please make us easier to scroll and find the threads we need.

    This will improve your buyers’ experience tremendously and grow your business by 5-10% 🙂


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