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Gig not promoted and promoted and not promoted again... repeatedly in several days?


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Hi everyone, I have been experienced the ranking problem in recent months. This is the 4th time I got Unpromoted issue problem (It mean I cannot promote my gigs). The first time is 2 years ago, I got it for 4 months, the second one is the last year, I got it for 2 months. But the 3rd and 4th is just for last week, I got unpromoted for 24hrs before get back to promoted again. Then, last Sunday, I got the notification of unpromoted again, untill now. I really cannot understand what happend to this Fiverr system.

For the first and second when I got unpromoted, I thought it happened due to order cancelation or something, cos that time I have orders cancelation. But for this 3rd and 4th time, I dont have any order cancelation, all 5 stars ratings, so it is really weird to have this problem. Also, I got promoted and then unpromoted and then promoted and then unpromoted again for only 10 days, is that a problem with the system do you think? 

Thank you for reading this.


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I think it's because some of your buyer leave a bad hidden review.

Note that there are two review on each project:

1. The 5 star rate ( where people can see the feedback)

2. Hidden review for fiverr team, They can buyer satisfaction level. Some Buyer are kind enough to leave 5 star rating eventhough they didn't satisfied 100%. So they leave this second review. It will affect your promotion status. And based on your post, MAYBE it's accumulate on each period. (for example like order completion rate / 60 days). That is why it can get promoted/unpromoted again.

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