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I'm stuck with order buyer doesn't accepting it & doesn't canceling it




I started one fiverr order with new client. All are going well when we rech order deadline, I deliver the order. But buyer doesn't accept it and ask for functionality which was not written in requirement. I tried to add that functionality for free but It's not possible to add because of some technical reasons. Now when I explain reason to buyer he doesn't believe me and I tried 7 days more still results are same. Now whenever I deliver order he send revision request.  I'm stuck.

My biggest mistake I offered unlimited revisions

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Hi there.., 

I think part of it are your fault.

As professional Seller.., we must took precautions of what the client actually need, and explain it upfront.

Treat your Buyer as Newbie, so your Buyer could understand clearly what the project should be.


and this point:

"I tried to add that functionality for free but It's not possible to add because of some technical reasons."

This makes your buyer upset. It's much better to tell you buyer that what he request is not doable in the first place.

DO NOT Try to do it for free.., BUT later you said that it can't be done.

Of course your Buyer will feel dissapointed. 

In your case, IN BUYER OPINIONS, you already failed deliver the project like what he need.

The delivery you have been done so far is useless for your buyer.



Be honest that you can't help you with the latest requirement, because of lack of skill


1. Keep doing this (deliver and revisions) until your buyer give up, and give you 1 star rating. (BUYER STILL CAN ASK REFUND FROM FIVERR, because BUYER report you as SCAM) There are many seller complains that they lost income from previous complete order.

2. Offer to cancel the project. You lose income from your hardwork  and lose order completion rate BUT manage to keep your rating.

(Manage 5 star rating is harder than order completion rate. You can have 100% completion rate again after 60 days, BUT to make it back from 4.8 into 5, you will need around 100 order with 5 star rating)


Best of luck,




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