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Does adding a special offer in an active order give buyers an extra revision?



Hi everyone,

I have an active order at the moment and as far as I know, the buyer was supposed to only have 2 revisions since that's what I have listed in the gig. 
However the buyer was somehow able to request a 3rd revision without additional pay. I want to know if there's a way to find how many revisions a buyer has and if adding a special offer in an active order give them extra revisions?

It's weird because there was no prompt on my end to specify if they'd get an additional revision or not. This order has been dragging on for too long and I'm doing my best to make sure the customer is happy but they've just been adding more and more into the order and I'd like to justify that they've ran out of revisions. 

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Acually, after you offer extras, BUYER have rights at least have 1 more revisions. Because they didn't know if the new additional project done correctly or not?

and eventhough at GIGs shows the number revisions, Buyer can ask the revisions how many times needed.

Buyers can ask for anything they want – it’s up to the seller to decide if they’ll do it.

Having your revision price listed on your gig sets the stage for charging for each revision.


Or.., You can try offer your extras with how many additional revision available in mind.

You can add the extra description like:  "i will  do... (3 revisions included)

Hoping you Buyer can notice the remaining revisions this way.

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