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What am I doing wrong?


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Hi @lyricsandlogos!

First of all, I'm really pleased to see that you incorporated all of the suggestions that I gave you! I do like seeing you actually write your calligraphy in front of the camera. 😊

43 minutes ago, lyricsandlogos said:

1 month in, not a single order or even a buyer brief match.

One thing I would advise is, once you make changes - monitor the data. How long have you gone without making any changes? If you are making too many changes, you might not be giving your gigs a chance to gain traction in the marketplace. You also won't know what is working and what isn't. Now that you've made changes, pay attention to your impressions, clicks, and orders. How have they changed from 1 week to the next?

Here is another post I wrote today that explains how you can look at and use your data:

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15 minutes ago, lyricsandlogos said:

@vickieitothank you, I will try to take a close look at my impressions and clicks. My percent of clicks to impressions is 4% and 6% atm. Is that where it should be, is that low?

Hi @lyricsandlogos, to get the most out of your data, don't look at one data point. How is your data performing over time? When was the last change that you made? Check the impressions, clicks, orders, and conversion rate then. After a week (don't make any changes), check your data again. Is it increasing, decreasing, staying the same? That will tell you if what you are doing is working, needs to be changed, or you need to try something else.

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