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EXPERT ADVICE REQUIRED: I follow all gig standards but still not getting traction - What Am I Doing Wrong?


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I recently reactivated my old profile and created 7 gigs offering my copywriting services.

I passed the required Fiverr tests (English, Analytical Skills, Customer Service, and Content Writing) as well as the Fiverr Readiness Course.

I have put in a great deal of effort to make my gigs as attractive as possible, with keywords, graphics, videos, PDFs, catchy descriptions, and FAQs, but still I am not getting the traction I expected.

To further my efforts, I have stayed online 24/7 for the past week (well mostly online).

However, I have only received 7 clicks on my gigs and no orders.

Although, I have received 8 spam messages (strange).

I am asking Fiverr pros to do a thorough review of my profile and provide me with feedback regarding what I am doing wrong so that I can make the necessary amendments to my profile and gigs for them to become more attractive to clients.

Thanks for your help

Fiverr Gigs .png


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11 hours ago, arsalan_faysal said:

To further my efforts, I have stayed online 24/7 for the past week (well mostly online).

Proof that it doesn't work.

How long have those gigs been up? Because if that's only a few days, then those are actually okay numbers, especially considering the number of competitors in your category. If you're expecting numbers like 6 years ago, then you will be disappointed, as Fiverr has changed and the number of sellers in most categories doubled in 2020 from 2019. 

I did glance at your profile, though, and most of your gigs look nearly identical, which might be a part of the problem. Fiverr's algorithm is secret, though. Have you read this thread?


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