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How can I rank my gig again?



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Gig rotation is not an official thing and just an assumption from forum users. 
It might be days, weeks, months. [By @mariashtelle1, June 30, 2021]


Though it's mentioned in the help at:
[By @uk1000 , July 6, 2021].


There is no set ranking or position in the Fiverr search system. As a result, gigs move around frequently, according to a wide variety of factors. Every user will see different search results, so your gig might show up on page one for one user, and page 13 for another. It all depends upon how well your gig matches to the algorithm's determination of your gig's solution to any searcher's needs.

Because of this search format, you are best not worrying about where you see your gig in the results.... What you see, is not what everyone else sees.
[By @jonbaas , July 6, 2021].

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