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Why can't I extend time ?

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I have an order which is around 100+ days late.

So now its around to finish and tried to extend time (and yeah buyer is willing to accept), see what happens:


And I contacted customer service and see what they replied:


Can I know logical reason for that ? Why we can't REQUEST to extend time after 60 days ?

even when both seller and client are mutually agree on it ?

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Actually.., After you deliver the first delivery, it can be said that you are safe.

Even when the order status shows up as "LATE", it won't affect your delivery rate.

If you choose Extend Delivery date, You need to deliver it again before the time frame  again.


So.., it first place, as long as your Buyer didn't mind with "Late Status",  you can keep working on your project.

My records is 2 weeks late. ( because of vacation time frame and slow buyer response)



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