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How to deal with non-serious buyers or the scammers



Hi. I'm a multimedia artist and a seller on fiverr.  I joined back in 2016, sold gigs on and off but, now, since last year, I've been more active and selling my services for full-time. My question is, as I have been experiencing this problem for quite a while, most buyers come and inquire about things and they try to negotiate (like buying a diamond in price of silver) and then they don't place an order or accept the offer rather insist on not accepting the offer until the work is done. In short they argue and then ask for work in advance without accepting the offer. Even though I request them to check my portfolio and feedback on profile if they have any trust issues. The number of such buyers is increasing day by day in my experience. If i keep reporting them or ignoring em all then how am i going to land potential buyers? Please suggest me, what is the solution to such non-serious or fraudulent (excuse this harsh word) buyers who waste your time and energy. Thank you

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well let me tell you a truth. i am not that old in fiverr but i am level one seller and have worked with almost 22 different buyers. those who negotiate blindly,like wanting to purchase diamond package in silver, try to avoid them. even if you work for them in low price, they take you for granted and create a lot of problems while accepting the offer. second thing is, never work before placing order. most of the buyers said that show me first and then i will place an order. these buyers just waste you time. try to become professional like making attractive gig image and most important is to add video about your services.


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On 2/2/2023 at 8:43 PM, blazegoldburst said:

As a seller on Fiverr, it is not uncommon to encounter buyers who try to negotiate prices or request work in advance without placing an order. While this can be frustrating, there are steps you can take to minimize these experiences and attract more serious buyers.

One approach is to create a clear and detailed gig description that outlines your services, policies, and prices. This can help set expectations for buyers and minimize misunderstandings about your offerings. You can also include samples of your work in your portfolio and encourage buyers to review your feedback from previous clients to build trust.

Another option is to communicate professionally and assertively with buyers who engage in negotiations or make unreasonable requests. You can politely explain your policies and prices and highlight the benefits of working with you. If necessary, you can also consider declining offers from buyers who are not a good fit for your services.

Additionally, you can proactively reach out to potential buyers by using the most effective marketing strategies and offer them your services, rather than solely relying on incoming inquiries. This can help you target serious buyers who are actively seeking the services you offer.

Finally, it is important to maintain a positive attitude and not let negative experiences with buyers discourage you. Keep in mind that not every buyer is a good fit for your services, and focusing on building relationships with serious, reliable buyers will ultimately lead to greater success on Fiverr.

Thank you for your detailed answer. I really appreciate it. Regarding most effective marketing strategies, I am trying to learn how to market your gig. Other than promoted gig option, how and where can we market our gigs? In my knowledge one way is through blogs and social media? What else do you recommend? Thank you.

Best Regards, 


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