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How can I get attention ot my fiverr gigs?


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I`ve been trying to make fiverr work for me for years. Simply putting up a gig doesn`t work. You need some kind of edge some kind of promotion. My questions is if someone is willing to help what and how do I have to do in order to get attention to my fiverr gig. Can someone tell me step by step what do I do to get someone to buy my gig. How can I get them from outside fiverr get them to see my gig and buy it?

Thanks a lot for reading hope you can help

Have a great day

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36 minutes ago, bogdanmasca said:

You need some kind of edge some kind of promotion.

Hi @bogdanmasca - if you want an edge, you need to understand not only how Fiverr works but how your target customer thinks. Knowing how Fiverr works will help you get seen in search. Knowing how to connect with your customers will help you to get orders.

Here are a few articles that can help you understand how Fiverr's algorithm works:




And here are a few articles that can help you tailor your gigs better for your target customer:



While creating your gigs, make sure that you understand what your customers want ...what would make YOU push the buy button? If you can give your customers what they want in your gigs, they will trust you to deliver what they want in a real order.

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