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Hi everyone 🙂 

Can you share some experience with me about Fiverr Pro,

How long do you wait for answer when you send application?

Did you see some big changes after your gig became Pro selected?

How many times can you send application?

Thank you 🙂 


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Only a few people from thousands are accepted into the Fiverr Pro program. So most applicants are not accepted. Don't get your hopes up.

If you are a Pro seller, then you will be under even more scrutiny, since Fiverr has very specific standards. For example, your gigs will need to be at least a certain price. You can apply multiple times, but that doesn't mean they will ever accept you. It's a very strict program and thus not everyone is accepted.

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18 hours ago, filipdevaere said:

In some cases, Fiverr can ask a seller to join Fiverr Pro.

 I was lucky, Fiverr detected my skills and they invited me.


Fiverr Pro email - 01.jpg

Omg that's so amazing! 

I am really happy for you, congratulations! 🙂 

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