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Promoted Gig Feature is enabled but NOT working well


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My Name is Ausaf Ahmad and I am a Level 2 seller on Fiverr. I earned more than $8k in just 8 months on fiverr. I used to be in the first place at first page on search result. But suddenly my gig was de-ranked 4 months ago. Then my Gig didn't appears on any page under my keywords.  Then after 2 months promoted gig option were available at my gig which was good for me. This option give me multiple orders.

But after one month promoted gig option was closed i request to Fiverr support for promoted gig but nothing happened. After 2 weeks gig promotion feature was automatically enabled its from 2 jan. Till now its activate.

BUT THE MAIN REASON IS THAT in month my impression was 180 and 3 clicks. However my gig promoted features is activated.

I was so depressed and I was searching for the solution. The worstcase scenario is I see so many sellers facing the same problem.  

I contacted with support as well but they did not clearly mentioned any valid reason but they always send me an article about promoted gig.

My rating is 5 stars, Conversion and response rate are EXCELLENT. Order Completion is also 100%. I want to know the reason about it.


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