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No Impression and Clicks



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Well, it is mainly about luck. But there are ways you can be more viewed on the site: By getting costumers. 

Oh how funny, you might say, you want more exposure and you can only get more exposure if you get costumers that is determined by exposure. What a nice full circle. 

So what can you do? Try to find costumers outside of fiverr who might buy something from you. Friends, etc... Two costumers would be enough to get noticed by fiverr. Just set your prices low to get those special costumers. After that view the stats and increase pricing to your liking if you are getting more exposure.  But again, this only works if you are truly sure you have a nice profile on Fiverr. But I would suggest you to create a more appealing front page picture for yourself.

I hope it helps.

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