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How do Fiverr ratings work? Are they based on a 90 day rolling period? Does that mean a 4.9 star seller can become a 5 star seller again after 90 days?



Hi everyone, 

Long time lurker, first time poster here. Fiverr's been an amazing journey.

We officially started our journey on Fiverr 5 months ago, got to Level One within 4 months, and now, just one month later we're just only a few orders away from going Level Two. Fiverr has been such a great platform to work with and I cannot share my appreciation enough for what we do here to help people. It's fulfilling, and Fiverr really does a lot to support their seller. I think promoted gigs is an invaluable tool that everyone should use if its offered to them. 

Here's the situation: I got my first review which brought me from 5 stars down to 4.9 stars. (5.0 communication, and 4.9 for the other 2 metrics.) - which is fine, it's to be expected in my field as creative work is highly subjective. 

My question is how do Fiverr ratings work? Do ratings drop off after 90 days? Is it possible to go back to 5.0 stars in the future assuming everything I do is 5 stars again? 

I think every seller should be warranted a path to redemption as everyone should naturally be striving for a 5.0 star rating. 

Is this something that can be done? 


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1 hour ago, levelthreeco said:

Is it possible to go back to 5.0 stars in the future assuming everything I do is 5 stars again? 

Yes it is possible to get a 5-star rating again even if you have less-than-5-star reviews on your account. However, reviews stay on your account forever (even if you delete a gig).

Since your score is cumulative (an average of all the reviews you ever get), the only way to bring up the average is to get enough 5-star reviews so that that your average is above 4.95 (it'll be rounded up to 5 stars).

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Thanks for your response, you're 100% correct, everybody should strive for 5 stars. 

My question is asking about people who do not have 5 stars as an overall seller rating. For example, I am at 4.9 stars. 

Is there a way to ever become 5 stars again? 

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1 minute ago, levelthreeco said:

Oh! How neat. I'm glad Fiverr does that because that gives sellers the opportunity and incentive to go back to 5 star in a purpose-driven manner which raises quality overall. Thanks! My question is solved. 

Also, some buyers actually prefer seeing a few negative reviews because it makes you seem more real and credible to them. Just make sure you respond professionally and address the buyer's concern when responding to a negative review. I've chosen to buy from sellers with negative reviews because I was impressed with how they responded to the negative reviews.

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