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Buyers got aditional revision time after 3 days of revisioning. is it a New feature???



I had an order from a buyer, After I dekivered the work he did not responded anything so as per rules after 3 days the order will makr as autometically completed but after 3 days this time something new happend with me. I got a nothification where it was written that "...... this Buyer extented their review period by 2 days.  After this date, the order will be finalized and marked as complete ." I was little bit confused as it was new to me.

I personally dont like this feature as all the buyers already got 3 days time to approve or decline the order but now they can delay it for as long as they want. I dont thing it'll be easier for artists/sellers like us to deal. What you guys think?

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Hi @ruprekha,

This feature was introduced in October, and you can see from the comments in the thread below, many sellers felt the same as you:


The longest that I've ever had a buyer extend the review period is a month. According to Fiverr, this was a feature request by buyers not sellers.

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