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Add 'days off' function

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I think it would be really useful to add posibility to mark some days of week as your day-off, and don't include them into deadline. Like, if my day off is sunday and project's deadline is 7 days, then it should be finished in 8 days but technicaly in 7 working days. Cause sometimes it is pretty hard to explaine the customer that i won't reply for example tomorrow, because i cannot work whole month wihout weekends so i include it in deadline.

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@ankojpg I think that is a brilliant suggestion!

I agree that there should be a scheduling functionality on Fiverr where sellers can choose which day/days of the week they don't work.

On days that sellers don't work:

  • They should not be penalized for not replying
  • These days should not be counted as business days, hence, order deadline should be paused

I frankly find it mentally exhausting to have to reply to buyers' messages during weekends, there's this constant stress to reply to messages ASAP.


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