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How to get my first order? can you tell me my gigs mistakes if it has any.


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Let's start with updating your forum profile.  If you edit your profile, you can add a link to your fiverr.com profile and then people can look at everything and provide feedback on next steps.  Also, when you reply, can you tell us about any analytic trends.  How have impressions been trending, are you getting any clicks?  Also, in your selling dashboard, click on analytics, then overview and scroll down. There is a spot that will tell you what selling day you are on. All the above should help other readers provide the best feedback.  I am only day 8 so I am not in a position to talk sales.  But, I can tell you I have done research on fiverr and off fiverr on success stories, I have compared my selling profile and gigs to other sellers.  I have tested the most important keywords as a buyer to see where I come up.  I modified my titles on both my current gigs.  I added skills that I did not have in my profile. I check my views every day.  I also have a written plan for next steps and how to spend my time on Fiverr for the next couple of days ahead.  And, I am also trying to limit the time I spend because there is only so much you can do.  I also know I need multiple streams of revenue as I did not take that seriously doing ecommerce and I will not do that again.  Happy to help more when you reply.

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