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What should I do to a client who ignores the delivery?



I recently got a client 3 days ago and they ordered right away and on the second day in the evening I delivered the work. After that the client keeps on being online and it doesn't show that they accept the order or not didn't even send any message to show anything. I am so worried because what if they didn't like the work 😣 can you guys give me advice I would be happy to get one. 


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Hello @alvilidealexin

Totally agree with @mariashtelle1that one way is to wait for the order to get completed.

For you I totally understand how strongly you want to work on the project keeping your services full notch. A fair way is well communication which leads to best project completion but sometimes the scenerio differs (considering yours) where you see the buyer is online  but is not updating the project stats. Here one possibility is such that he/she is working with different sellers in accordance with you too so little mismatches happens in terms of communication. Keeping this don't lost your hope and keep working the way you are.

Also, by repeated manners of follow-ups if nothing is progressed then suggested way is to take this case to Customer Support where they can contact the buyer in terms of your behalf. 

Hope with this some way can be taken out for the project which is sticked only because of non communication.

Best and Regards,




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