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Is it possible to see someone's gig through their Fiverr forum profile?



Hi, I'm rather new to Fiverr forum.

I see a lot of people asking questions like:

  • How do I get more orders?
  • How do I get more impressions?
  • How do I get more clicks?

Some of them don't post the link to their Fiverr gig in their questions so it's hard to answer said questions.

I've tried to search for the button that leads me to their Fiverr gig but can't find it.

Did Fiverr make it so that we can't access a seller's gig through their forum profile?

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Not doing enough due diligence before accepting an order.

It's very exciting to meet an interested buyer! As a new seller, it can be tempting to ignore red flags and tell yourself "you just need to get the job done and you'll get paid". However, there are problematic buyers who can make your Fiverr selling experience very unpleasant. 

Here are a couple of red flags that I've learned to notice:

  • Grammatical errors in messages
  • Rushing to create an order with you (problematic buyers take advantage of the fact that cancelled orders affect sellers negatively, they'll create an order and request for a lot of revisions / stuff that's outside of what you guys agreed on)
  • Initiating a conversation with "Hi", "Hello", "How are you"... without telling you what they actually want
  • Sending rude messages like "!!!!!!!!!!!", "Hello?" when you don't respond as quickly as they expect you to

I understand that "Request to order" is not available to everyone yet so I recommend readers to do the following to avoid problematic buyers:

  • Add "Contact first" in the names of your gig packages
  • Use Fiverr's ZOOM feature to meet your clients before starting an order
  • Don't start working until you get all the details, especially the ones that your buyers leave out (whether intentionally or unintentionally) when they reach out to you
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