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45 minutes ago, sainy_kenny said:

i cant find it search page

It's useless trying to find your own gig on the search page - Fiverr's algorithm will show different gigs to each buyer (including you). I can never find my gigs in search, but I know my buyers are finding me because I am getting orders.

Instead, focus on growing your impressions, clicks, and orders. Your gig is getting seen by buyers because you are getting impressions. 

To increase your impressions, you have to make your gigs relevant to search. Make sure your gig tags, title, and gig description clearly describe your services. Your gig's relevancy is also determined by your seller performance (see your statistics) and seller quality (your appearance quality and your delivery quality). All of these metrics play a role in determining how relevant your gig is when buyers search for your services. Sellers that respond faster, have more orders, have happier buyers, and deliver quicker will be ranked up higher in search.

If buyers click on your gig, that means they are interested in learning more about your services. To increase clicks, make your gig card attractive - have a unique gig image that clearly describes your services. Also make sure that your title is completely visible (not cut off) and easy to understand. Buyers will also be looking at the price, your seller level, your rating, and the gig video (if you have one).

If you have impressions and clicks but no orders, it means that you are getting seen in search and buyers are visiting your gig. However, when they get there, they decide not to buy from you and then move on to a different seller. To increase orders, you have to convince these buyers that you are the solution to their problem, so tailor you gig to a target buyer and make sure your gig descriptions and portfolio gives them what they want. If buyers see what they want, they'll most likely contact you and place an order. If they don't, they'll move on to another seller.

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