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My tattoo design gig gets no orders EVEN THO I believe I have a very professional and well built gig, please help!


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As the tittle mentions I have a tattoo design agency that gets very little impressions and clicks even tho I believe its a very well built gig. My gig photos are very high quality and professional, My 3 different packages for tattoo design are well written in detail and I  believe bring bring actual value to the customer for the price and I have answered questions as well for possible buyers concerncs also my gig description is in great detail and  as profesisonal as it gets . I cant find any reason except from that fact that I dont have a video uploaded for the gig as a reason I cant get any orders. Is my gig not well built in reality and I just spent countless hours making it like it is? I would really appreciate your opinion my fella sellers! this is my gig link : https://www.fiverr.com/graphifytm/professionally-create-a-tattoo-of-your-liking

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Currently no one knows you !  First build your ratings.

Set lowest price and give unlimited revisions to attract buyers.

Give them more chances to play with your services.


After when you have some level or good reputation, its your time to charge what you like 😃

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Hi there! The first thing I want to mention connects to @grayprogrammerz and is the fact you've only just started in January. Creating a profile on Fiverr doesn't mean you'll get orders (right away), no matter how good your profile is. Many people don't receive their first order for the first few months. Here are some of my points you might want to take into consideration. Know that it's just an opinion and you can do with it whatever you choose 🙂

1. Giving unlimited revisions won't attract buyers. It only shows you're not confident in your service, because it implies you won't get a client's wishes right in a few tries. Plus, it opens doors to clients who will never be satisfied and you're at risk of being in a revision loop. 

2. You said your packages are well-written. Although this is true, as a potential buyer I don't see a clear difference between your Standard (detailed tattoo) and Premium (highest possible quality) package. For every design, I'd expect the highest quality for the price I'm paying. So if I choose the lowest price I understand it won't include a background for example, but it will still be of quality. Think of differentiating between the add-ons. Currently for both packages, all the add-ons are basically the same, except for multiple concepts for the Premium package. Try to think of ways to make the difference between them clearer maybe. 

3. The title of your gig is tattoo creation. It's only after I click on your profile it becomes clear you're focusing on creating designs for businesses to stand out. I think you have to be more clear in defining your target group. Will it be focused on a person like me who wants a tattoo? Or will it be focused on businesses who want to use a design for a T-shirt? These are two completely different markets. 

4. Research your competition and find your USP. I typed in 'tattoo design' and found 4100 other sellers. Study them and find your own unique voice. 

5. In your first picture you've included 'exclusively on Fiverr'. You might've intended this as a good point, but it's (in my eyes) the exact opposite. Even if this is the case, there's no need to communicate it. I also work exclusively on Fiverr currently, but that doesn't say anything about my skills or potential. 

These are some points that stood out to me right away. Below are some links that might help you as well! Besides these links, the forum is filled with questions and answers. I hope this helped and good luck! 🙂  

Are you a new seller? This is how you get more orders: - Tips for Sellers 

The first 5 things you should do when starting your Fiverr career

How to build credibility on Fiverr, even if you're a new seller with zero reviews 

Answer to all the questions that sellers have 


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People that are looking for tattoos definitely wouldn’t buy your gig. What is it that you are selling? You say in your gig description “simple black and white design” and then you showcase this 👇 complex drawing nd on top of that with watercolours blended in. 
maybe you can design in but which tattoo master will implement it? They al have their own style and not that many work with watercolour tattoos for example. 

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Hi there! I think you need more images, I don't think I'd buy from a seller who has only 3 examples in their Gig images – if you didn't know, you can also add a couple PDFs to your Gig in addition to the Gig images, which you could set up to showcase more of your designs. 

Also, I'd make very sure that there are no typos or oddities anywhere in your Gig description, I noticed "I will create a Simple Small authentic Tattoo", in the premium package name, for example – why do Simple, Small, and Tattoo start with upper-case, while authentic doesn't... not to nit-pick, but we're talking about people who'll get "stuff" (not too sure about that term either, actually) on their skin permanently, and any kind of typo or such probably won't inspire trust.

Good luck with your Gig, and welcome to the forum! 🙂

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