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10 minutes ago, versatiletasker said:

Is there a way I can access it to see offers just like the old Buyer's Request?


No, that is not possible. Fiverr will send you a brief if they match you with a buyer based on the services you offer and the buyer's needs. You can enable briefs on the top of your gig page. 

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On 1/28/2023 at 9:36 PM, versatiletasker said:

Hello! Please where can I find the Buyer's Request on my dashboard? 

Fiverr replaced this option with Get brief.    Go to Gig tab, then you can see an option of Get Brief, So enable this option with a brief budget. I hope you understand .

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I'm seeing a lot of replies stating "Buyers Requests were removed" which is true and false at the same time. Fiverr rebranded Buyer Requests as Fiverr briefs, with the only difference being with Fiverr Briefs' you can't see how many other people submitted a brief. Also, Fiverr Briefs are sent to you rather you having to scroll through a list compared to Buyers Request. What remains the same is some Buyers still want everything for $5 or less even when the stated budget says "Flexible" and still have to compete with buyers who will sell their work for $5.

But yay...Fiverr Briefs 🙂

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