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Fiverr Algorithms, And how your IP and country influence to Buyers research


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I noticed that my account targets in different way if I use it in different countries with different IP. For example, when I am in Ukraine/Poland/Slovakia I have a lot of requests from people around the world like USA, Canada etc. When I am in France my statistic down a lot and I have low numer of requests mostly from French people. HOW does it happens and why??

Firstly I as thinking that it is just inconvenience but during my movement around the Europe (I lived more than few months in each country) I saw that YES! This is true. WHY ALGORITHMS work in this way?? Because I really dont understand it and earlier I was sure that your position and IP doesn't influence how your gig's shown in research.

What do you think? Have you ever noticed the same trouble?

Thank you 

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